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Today I posted my skincare routine on my youtube channel. I have pretty normal skin with some serious dry patches around my nose and around my eyes. Here is how I got clear, HEALTHY skin after a long battle!

After I had my son a year and a half ago my skin went crazy. Not only was it super dehydrated, I had pimples galore! ****YAY, just what every girl wants after she has a baby and already feels fat and ugly!**** Then I started working for a skincare line called Kiehl’s. I thought it was important to have beautiful and clear skin if I was going to be working in skincare. Seriously, how could I tell someone else what to use when my face looked like it was a never ending mountain range. So, I started using a BUNCH of stuff to try and clear everything up. WHEW, that was the wrong idea. My face flared up even worse and I had serious redness and cystic acne everywhere. On my forehead, chin, around my nose, and by my cheek bones. I knew it would take some time for my routine to work, but after 3 months of seeing absolutely no improvements I decided that what I was doing was NOT working!

So. . . I stopped everything! I decided to give my face a break and all I was going to do was remove my makeup at the end of the night with a makeup wipe and add a little moisture to the areas of my face that needed it! No lie, this is what worked for me! I feel like now days there is a serum or a cream for everything and at least with my skin its all too much. I was adding product after product, layer after layer on my face to try and make it better and all it did was make it worse. Now, I have the best skin I have ever had in my entire life, just by simplifying everything and adding only a little of what is needed. I feel like women for centuries have had good skin without using the entire medicine cabinet. Why do we all of a sudden feel the need to pile everything on our faces? ANYWAY. . . I don’t know if this will help some of you. But here is the video to what works for me! Let me know if you have any questions and leave me a comment on what kind of video you would like to see next! 


Dusti Kae

I had the opportunity to work on one of my favorite faces! This girl grew up as my backyard neighbor. I’ve known her since we were kids and my little brother used to bite her when they were little and would play. haha they were 3, so it was ok.

She is a genuine beauty inside and out! I was so excited when she wanted to get all dolled up for her birthday, so we had a little bit of fun making her feel glamorous on her special day.



These first two pictures were taken with flash photography.

Marissa 2A

And these next two were taken with no flash. Just natural and artificial lighting.


this soft glam look is so easy to achieve. for the eyes I placed a soft babydoll pink on the lid and added a diffused smokey grey to halo the outside. I then placed a small amount of shimmery shadow under the brow bone and in the tear duct area. This makes the eyes look larger and more open. I used the

Lorac Mega Pro Palette to achieve this look. 

For her face we wanted to give her skin a glow, so I used my favorite highlighter, The balm Mary-lou-manizer. this added a pop of highlight to the high points of her face. I also used The Kett Airbrush and makeup to give her a gorgeous, flawless finish. 

For her lips we kept it very simple and lined them with the Nude lip liner by Essence and topped it off with the NARS Lipgloss in Isteria.

Then we added Bellami Extensions to her hair and curled it in loose waves away from her face with a one inch barrel.


Thank you so much for stopping by! Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section. And let me know what you want to see next! 


Dusti Kae xoxo



nomakeupnomakeup2This no makeup look actually has a lot! haha ok not a lot, a lot. But enough to give you that effortless, flawless look, without doing dramatic eyes and lips! Its super simple and QUICK! Learn how below. . .


 I first started priming my face with Too Face – Hangover RX Primer. I then used Benefit – Porefessional for any areas where I have larger pores or lines that I want to hide.

After priming my face I mixed my smashbox – 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation (2.3) and my Loreal – True Match Lumi Foundation (n1-2 Neutral Soft Ivory) for my perfect shade. I applied them with a damp Beauty Blender to get the perfect amount of flawless, long wearing coverage.

For under eye concealer I used NARS – Radiant Creamy Concealer (Honey) to get rid of any dark circles. Then I lightly set my concealer with NARS – Light Reflecting Setting Powder (Translucent) to prevent the concealer from moving.

For a light bronze, I applied the Sephora – Matte Bronzer (Los Cabos) around my hairline, on my cheeks, and on my temples. I added a little bit of contour with Kevin Aucoin – Sculpting Powder (Medium) in the hollows of my cheeks to accentuate my cheek bones, and make them look more prominent. I topped my cheeks off with NARS – Orgasm Blush.

To give me a healthy glow I added The Balm – Highlighter (Mary-Loumanizer) to the high points of my face. On the tops of my cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose, above the arches of my brows and my cupid’s bow.

I used my Anastasia – Dipbrow Pomade (Medium Brown) with an angled brush to lightly fill in my brows. To set them in place I applied Millani – Clear Wax.


To prime my eyes for shadow I use the Mac – Paint Pot (Painterly.)  I then applied a light wash of Lorac Pro – Eyeshadow (Cream) all over my lids. To add a little definition I used Makeup Geek – Eyeshadow (Creme Brûlée) in the crease of my eye to create a soft, natural look. 

This look was all about the eyes so I applied lots of mascara, and some thick, long lashes! I started by adding a little NARS – Larger Than Life Eyeliner (Via Veneto) to my tight – line (the upper water line.) That way, if there were any spots where my lashes didn’t meet up with my natural lashes, it would still look seamless. I applied my Ardelle – Demi Wispies as close to my upper lash line as possible, with my Duo – Lash Adhesive (Dark Tone.) Then I added 5 layers of my favorite mascara. The Loreal – Voluminous in Waterproof (Black.) Just remember when applying mascara, allow it to dry before you add another coat. That will help prevent clumping and make your lashes look longer and fuller.


To finish I went with a glossy nude lip. This is my favorite lip combo, as of lately. I first put on Maybelline – Baby Lips Dr. Rescue, so my lips would be smooth and not dry. I added Bite Beauty – Lipstick (Retsina) first and topped it with Bite Beauty – Lipgloss (Rambutan.) I am seriously loving this nude lip. I wear it almost every day. It is especially perfect for no makeup, makeup days. 


That my friends is everything! This look takes me about 7 minutes to do. Maybe a little more, just to let the mascara dry. But it is so easy and gives you a flawless face, without looking like you tried way too hard. I hope you enjoy this look and let me know if you have any questions. Also, comment and tell me what you would like to see next! Love you all! 

X’s and O’s

Dusti Kae


This is one of my favorite looks to do in the winter! I think it is such an awesome, classic look for any occasion! This is what I did for Christmas and wanted to get this up for a New Years look, but time escaped me, like it usually does. But I still love this look and hope you do to!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful week!


Dusti Kae

Here is a new video to show you how to get a pretty look, just for the holiday’s! (I posted this a little late. . . it is now past, but its still a pretty look haha) Hope you’re having a wonderful week! Let me know what looks you want to see next!